PipeLine ET-5 HDMI кабель 1,22м.

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Бренд PipeLine

  • Concentric-Conductor Construction (CCC) nearly eliminates the harshness caused by strand interaction distortion, which is common in cables using stranded conductors
  • PipeLine's solid conductors completely eliminate strand interaction distortion
  • Quality metals, including High-Purity High-Performance Copper ( HPPC) and Silver-Clad Copper (SCC), increase performance by reducing distortion to a minimum
  • Premium insulation (dielectric) materials help reduce distortion and preserve sonic detail and "intelligibility"
  • Conductors are controlled for proper directionality in accordance with the grain structure of the metal - this results in better sound, lower distortion
  • Product Dimensions: 48 x 0.5 x 0.4 inches ; 2.6 ounces
Тип шнураHDMI - HDMI
Длина шнура1.2 м
Версия HDMIHDMI 1.4

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PipeLine ET-5 HDMI кабель 1,22м.

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